This site aims to give access, to every person who wishes, in information contained in the various armoriaux which I possess. It will be proposed in the immediate, the lists of family names contained in this publishing.

You will be able to see some weapons or coats of arms, by which the number will increase bit by bit, because everything should be made, treatment of images and implementation. A column on the science of the blazon will be opened soon as well as the representation of the various royal, military ornaments, écclésiastiques and the certain orders and brotherhoods.

To keep the original character of these books, images will stay such as represented in these works, and certain texts will remain written in old French.

The publishing of which is pulled presented data date the XVII-th at the XIX-th century.

Hoping, that this site will satisfy you, do not hesitate to make your remarks or suggestions by using the "E-MAIL" button.

This site is realized in memory of "Mme de SAVY Odette", Arisen from ANGLARS, a "Lady", who we quittât in 1997 in the age of 96 years. This year there, it is not the page that one turned, but a book which closed for ever...